Beth Campbell

Beth is a local artist who lives 1km from our front door. We met through our mutual involvement with Everdale and we are so grateful for serendipity. We noticed one of her social media posts that highlighted a fun collaboration with another artist, Jeff Fraser. That was the catalyst for commissioning a set of mugs made by both Beth and Jeff. Those mugs are now a regular part of our breakfast setting. We also have several other pieces on display and for purchase. Beth’s Site

Helena Wehrstein

Helena is another local artist we met through Everdale. She lives right around the corner right on the Everdale grounds. We love her use of recycled and repurposed materials. We loved it so much, that we bought a couple of pieces for ourselves. You can see her work on the landing of the second floor and in the Gran Fondo room. More of her work can be seen at

Angela Jackman

We met Angela through Beth and we love her work too! Her images can be found in various rooms on the main floor. Angela has chosen not to launch her own website, so you will just have to visit to see the rest for yourself… 🙂

Kristen Armstrong

Kristen is our most recent addition to the artist fold. Her medium is watercolour with subjects being mostly local flora, fauna and architecture. We love all the styles she has explored and she has even done some Tailwinds-specific work for us. Her focus is on her art, so there is currently no website gallery to view. You can check out some of her work on Instagram at kitchen_island_art_studio