It has been a rollercoaster ride that seemed to have no end. We have been open, closed and everything in between over the last year and a half.

As people have come out of isolation, we have experienced a booking tsunami over the last couple of months. While this boosts our spirits and helps foster optimism for the future, we are also a little apprehensive. This is far from over and we need to remain guarded due to variants and other factors. This means we are still running on limited capacity. Unless a family or cohort is booking all three rooms, we are limited to two at a time. The common areas are split with one room using one side of the house and the other room utilizing the second half. This also means two separate dining areas. Like so many businesses, we have a lot of extra work that goes along with re-opening. Good thing we love what we do!

That being said, we must also ask our guests to add a little extra effort to their stays. Ensuring hand sanitizer is used diligently and often is essential to keeping everybody safe. Masks must be worn in all common areas that other guests may occupy (ie foyer, stairs, landing). We also ask that while in the community guests stay conscious of the fact that we are all still a little nervous about new faces. It is natural and can be overcome by maintaining all the social distancing protocols that have become part of our lives. Lastly, it is very important that if you are walking, hiking, biking, picnicking or engaging in any allowable outdoor activity, that you leave nothing behind. There have been many instances in the news where visitors leave behind messes. At the very least it is unsightly and at the worst, it represents health risks to those that have to clean it up.

We are also very happy to announce we have been granted our Safe Travels Stamp! By following the “POST Promise” protocols we are firmly committed to keeping our guests and community safe.

Let’s work together to stay open safely and respectfully!

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