While March is not typically a huge month for us, we are coming into our busy season with a closed calendar for the entire month of April, with the potential of extending further into the season. Our international bookings that were beyond this blackout period are also expectedly and rightfully cancelling. Having just come out of our best “off-season” ever, we are now riding the same rollercoaster as so many other businesses in the hospitality industry.

Like everybody right now, we are doing the best we can with what we have. Balancing being part of an essential service sector and protecting those around us, as well as ourselves, has been tricky. We are constantly assessing our situation and making adjustments where necessary.

To that end, we are joining the chorus of other hospitality providers in humbly requesting patronage through gift card purchases. To be clear, we are not asking for charity. We recognize that this pandemic affects everyone. We are simply asking those who have the means and considered visiting or returning, to purchase Tailwinds eGift Cards for future use. We are not putting an expiry or charges for not redeeming by a certain date. Instead, we are offering a 10% discount in gratitude for your support.

In keeping with social distancing, these purchases will all be done online. We will not be offering physical cards or certificates in any way. Simply follow this link Tailwinds eGift Cards to make your purchase.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!

P.S. Although completely unintentional, it would seem our collective subconscious surfaced in the title of this post. Sorry if it gave you an earworm as it did for us. Janet’s was from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode and Trevor’s was an Alan Parson’s song. Weird! 😀