Firstly, we hope everybody is staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times. Everybody here at Tailwinds is healthy. Grateful!

As with so many businesses, we are making some major changes to how we operate in the foreseeable future. Our initial thought was to simply close our doors and batten down the hatches. Then we saw the encouragement to get outside and experience safe exercise while practicing social distancing. With the Elora Cataract Trailway literally in our backyard, we made the decision to stay open so people could still safely use this wonderful community asset. That being said, below is a list of changes and restrictions we have put in place to keep our guests, our community and ourselves healthy.

  1. One room per night – Unless a family (immediate only – ie parents and children) needs more than one room, we will not be allowing more than one room to be booked per night. This means if we get multiple bookings at the same time, if you were not the first to book, your reservation may get cancelled. To avoid this, we suggest calling in your reservation instead of booking online.
  2. Self Check-in/out – We will be leaving all forms and keys in the foyer for guests to get to their rooms. We will also require that guests show themselves out as well.
  3. Payment – We will only be processing credit cards online, versus our usual card reader in the foyer. This means cash will no longer be accepted.
  4. Restaurants/Attractions – Most restaurants and cafes in the area are either closed or only doing take-out food. Alternatively, our local Foodland has a good selection available. Please plan accordingly. Most public facilities are also closed. Aside from the Elora Cataract Trailway, Erin Heritage Walks, the local Provincial Park and Conservation areas, we are not encouraging guests to venture out into the community. Check out the Things To Do section in the Neighbourhood section of this site.
  5. Statement of No-Risk – All guests must sign a statement that they do not represent a risk of infection. The standard checks will be included (ie no travel outside the country, no contact with an infected person, no symptoms, etc).

We are putting safety first. We believe that the above will minimize the possibility of infection of our guests, ourselves or anybody else in the community. If now is not your time to visit, please feel free to check back at a later date when the risk of COVID-19 has been addressed.